Why Tengu, Japanese goblins with long nose, and wings wearing Shugen ascetics' costume as Kookai's ICON ?








Mount Takao is a mountain in the city of Hachioji where my family comes from. A buddhist temple, Takaosan Yakuoin located in the mountain, a sect of Japanese buddhism closely associated with Kookai, a charismatic priest, who we name after with great respect. Tengu, long-nosed demonlike beings are believed to dwell on sacred mountains acting as the messenger of the deities and huddhas to chastise evildoers and protect the good. They are often depicted holding a uchiwa, Japanese fan, that sweeps away misfortune and brings about good fortune.

About Kookai Company Limited. 

was established in 2012 as fowarding company to support Japanese craftmanship products to be introduced into global market. Over the course of a few years the company experienced the substantial business growth that allows us get staretd the new business, called "Kookai Cooking studio". Our goal at Kookai Company Limited is to provide our valuable global customers with the highest and personalized services to achieve their needs. 


International freight fowarding 

Business development consulting in overseas 

MICE (Meeting / Incentive / Convention / Exhibision )





Otoya Hashimoto        


Main Bank

Tokyo Tomin Bank Nihonbashi Branch

Our Core Value

1. Beyond expectation at global perspective

2. Do the right thing and grow with valuable customers

3. Foward looking and challenges ourselves 

4. Earn the trust of every customers we welcome

5. Contribution to the community caring people


Appointed consultant from the private company in Fukushima prefecture, which successfully won the grants of public-private partnership program established by  Japan International Corporation Agency aming to improve the business environment in developing countries and the support infrastructure development. Kookai's strong business network especially in the area like northern Vietnam, Thailand has proven the best outsourced partners in developing your overseas business.

Business Transaction for fiscal year of 2016
Sea freight : About 50 TEU monthly
Air freight  : About 10,000kgs monthly