Sansho ( 山椒) is a Japanese pepper that many of you might be familiar with the ground Sansho as the standard spice for sprinkling on the broiled eel dish or one of the seven main ingredients of blended spice called “ shichimi”. The immature green berries are called “Mizansho” and usually eaten as “ Chirimenzansho” which literally means simmered condiments with small dried fish seasoned soy sauce. This could be one of the popular souvenirs when you visit Kyoto but you can also easily make this spicy Japanese condiments at home 👍


[ Ingredients]
*100g small dried fish ( Chirimen Jako in Japanese )
*2 Tbsp green Sansho berries * 80ml cooking sake *1Tbsp mirin
*1 Tbsp light soy sauce *1 tsp brown sugar
* 500ml water


[ Direction ]
Wash Sansho berries to get rid of dirt. Bring 500ml water to boil and cook berries about 10 minutes.
Drain completely and soak Sansho berries in water about 2 hours to remove bitterness. Pat dry with cooking paper. [ Directions ]
1️⃣Combine cooking sake, mirin, brown sugar and soy sauce in a sauce pan and slowly bring it to a boil. Add Sansho berries into the sauce pan stirring occasionally and turn low heat until liquid is fully absorbed.
2️⃣ You can enjoy “ Chirimenzansho “ with plain steamed rice, savoy snack or companion with sake.
3️⃣You can keep “ Chirimen Zansho “ in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Enjoy 😉