Japanese radish salad 


Daikon is a Japanese long white radish, which has a crunchy texture, mild flavor and sweet taste, widely used in Japanese dish. Many types of pickles are made with daikon, such as Takuan or Bettarazuke, and frequently used grated and mixed into Ponzu, a soy sauce and citrus juice condiment. Today I made Japanese radish salad, which is one of the poplar Japanese homemade dish or Izakaya, casual style of restaurants. My favorite recipe is to mix shredded long strips Daikon with Shiso leaves, dried small fish called Chirimen Jako with plum dressing, which is so easy and refreshing salad😘


[ Ingredients ]
*10cm long Japanese daikon *5 Shiso leaves
*40g dried small fish ( Chirimen Jako ) [ Plum dressing ]
*4 Tbsp water
*30g plum *1 tsp Olive oil
*1 tsp mirin
*1 tsp sushi vinegar


[ Directions ]
1️⃣Shred daikon by slicer to 5cm long strips. Soak shredded daikon into a water about 5 minutes to get rid of bitterness. Pat dry with cooking paper.
2️⃣Chiffonade Shiso leaves.
3️⃣Remove the seed from plum and chop to make a paste. Combine plum dressing ingredients in a ball and mix all together. Refrigerate.
4️⃣ Combine radish, dried small fish and Shiso all together and pour the dressing when you are ready to serve. Enjoy 😉