" Nambanzuke” is Japanese escabeche, and very popular refreshing dish you can crave in summer season. The history behind is we used to call European people especially Portuguese and Spanish those who had trading business with us in 16th century as Namban people and they introduced this dish to us. “Zuke” means either marinate or pickled in a broad sense that Nambanzuke is getting more popular Japanese homemade dish to be regarded as a great way to preserve fish, veggies and meat. 


< Ingredients >
*200 g salmon fillet skin on
*1 tsp salt *1/2 black pepper
*80g onion sliced ( soak in a water about 15 minutes and drain before use )
*50g green peppers thinly sliced *40g carrot 🥕thinly sliced *4 Tbsp olive oil
*3 Tbsp Sushi vinegar *2 Tbsp Water
*1.5 Tbsp dashi *1Tbsp potato starch



[ Direction ]
1️⃣Cut salmon into bite size pieces and season this with salt and black peppers. Sprinkle potato starch over salmon and coat well. Slice onion, green peppers and carrots. Set Aside
2️⃣ Combine sushi vinegar, water, dashi and veggies prepared 1️⃣Refrigerate..

3️⃣ Heat the frying pan with mid heat and apply olive oil. Fry salmon both sides about 2.5 minutes each turning over until golden brown. Shake off the oil and put this into2️⃣
4️⃣Refrigerate about at least 90 minutes before serving.