Savoy Japanese Rolled Egg  

 -Dashi Maki Tamago-

Dashimaki tamago , which literally translates to “ Dashi rolled egg” made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg with Dashi. While the ingredients may sound quite simple, it’s required a certain technique to roll something so delicate that makes this challenges. Usually chopsticks is a tool to roll the egg but just use spatula to make it easier😅


[ Ingredients ]
*4 M sized eggs
*60ml dashi *1 tsp sugar *1/4 tsp salt *1/2 Tbsp brown sugar *1.5 tsp mirin *2Tbsp canola oil *5cm cube radish ( optional )


[ Directions ]
1️⃣Gently whisk the egg in a bowl, then add sugar, mirin, salt dashi and mix well.
2️⃣Heat the pan over low heat first. Soak canola oil in a folded kitchen paper and apply to the
pan. When there is sizzling sound, pour 1/3 of egg mixture and spread this over to the pan.
3️⃣Poke the air bubbles by chopsticks to release the air. When the surface is not too runny, start rolling egg from one side to the other.
4️⃣Move the omelette to the side where you started to roll and apply canola oil again even under the rolled omelette.
5️⃣Repeat the above twice. Remove this from pan and place on the plate garnished with grated radish.