Steamed Dumplings 



Shumai is a type of Chinese dumplings but quite popular dish just like Gyoza here in Japan with varieties of ingredients. My home made one is always to mix minced pork and scallops in the fillings wrapped with square shape of Shumai wrappers, and to be served with soy sauce based dipping sauce. I use a bamboo basket to steam the Shumai as it is the traditional way of cooking dumplings and eat this straight from bamboo basket👍You would be surprised the dumplings are so fresh and juicy with full of flavor 😘


[ Ingredients ] 20 pieces *180g minced pork
* 70g minced scallops * 30g onions
*1/2 tsp salt
*1/2 tsp black peppers
*1/2 tsp sesame oil *1 tsp oyster sauce
*1 tsp cooking sake
* 6g ginger * 20 pieces of Shumai wrappers
* 20 pieces of green pea *1 Tbsp soy sauce for dipping sauce
*1/2 tsp Japanese mustered for dipping sauce ( optional )
*1/2 tsp rice vinegar ( optional )


[ Directions ]
1️⃣Chop onions and mix with minced scallops, pork all together in a large bowl. Add salt, oyster sauce, black peppers, sesame oil, grated ginger and cooking sake until they are sticky.
2️⃣Place a Shumai wrapper with 1/2 Tbsp amount of fillings and make a shape. Place a green pea in the center of each dumplings. Repeat 20 times.
3️⃣Place parchment paper at the bottom of bamboo basket and place Shumai on it without touching each other. Steam about 15 minutes.
4️⃣Bring the bamboo basket to the table and serve with dipping sauce.