( Dandan Noodles ) 


Dandan noodle ( Tantanmen in Japanese ) originating from China, Japanese style Tantanmen is also very popular that you can easily find the dish at noodles restaurant, served either hot or cold. My version of Tantanmen is cold broth made of white sesame paste, soy sauce and soy milk topped with flavorful ground meat, soft boiled egg, whatever topping you like. Yummy 😋

👩‍🍳Recipe🍽 for 2 servings
< Ingredients >
*300g egg noodles
*4 Tbsp white sesame paste
*2 Tbsp white sesame seeds
*1 tsp chicken stock
*1 tsp dashi broth
*1 tsp soy sauce
*1/2 spicy bean paste
*1 tsp oyster sauce
*150ml soy milk
* La Yu ( Japanese chili oil )
< Topping >
*150g ground pork meat
*3g ginger & 3 g garlic
*1 Tbsp sesame
*1 Tbsp soy sauce
*1 Tbsp mirin
*1 tsp oyster sauce
* M sized egg ( optional)
* seasonal vegetables

[ Direction ]

1️⃣Combine white sesame paste, soy milk, soy sauce, oyster sauce spicy bean paste together to whisk until paste is dissolved. Add white sesame seeds after grinding Japanese mortar and pestle. Refrigerate.

2️⃣Heat the frying pan with mid heat and apply sesame oil. Cook ginger and garlic until fragrant. Add ground meat and continue to stir until separate the meat. Add soy sauce, mirin and oyster sauce to coat the meat.

3️⃣Bring a pot of water to a boil and let egg boil exactly 7.5minutes and plunge the egg into a bowl of cold water a few seconds, then quickly peel. ( Optional )

4️⃣Cook the noodles according to the package instructions and soak the noodles in iced water until chilled and drain completely.

5️⃣Transfer the noodles to a bowl and pour around chilled sesame sauce. Place ground meat, veggies, soft boiled egg on top of the noodles. Drizzle a few drops of Japanese chili 🌶 oil( optional) Enjoy ❣️